Nearly there with GoQat 3.1.0! The Unicap library makes a return in this release, including support once more for the original astronomy video cameras from The Imaging Source. Also coming in the next release are some useful tools for spectroscopists: a 'quick-look' plot of spectra from CCD/CMOS camera images and slit autoguiding. Plus dithering and plate solving for accurate telescope pointing and a refresh of GoQat's image streaming for video-for-linux devices.

Almost all the code is now written for the new release, including for plate solving. All of it works 'on the bench' but there are a lot of 'loose ends' to tidy up. Now the lighter evenings are here I have decided to take time to do thorough testing at the telescope before the next full release.

But... I have just got a small ZWO camera and am doing some fine tuning to make GoQat and INDI work well together for it. And there is lots of other good stuff in GoQat that is ready to go, so I intend to issue an interim release soon. Stay tuned!