GoQat operates any device with an INDI driver on the Linux platform. It also has native support for any camera from Quantum Scientific Imaging, any modern Starlight Xpress camera or filter wheel, Robofocus and Losmandy Gemini controllers. It can guide mounts via a serial/USB port, parallel port or camera autoguider port. Monochrome images can be recorded and played back in .SER format. GoQat is multithreaded and tuned to give as smooth a performance as possible.

The QSI 532 analysis pages discuss in detail the performance of a QSI 532ws CCD camera employing the Kodak KAF-3200ME chip, including bias frames, dark signal, transfer curves, flat fields, residual bulk image and linearity.

The drift alignment pages take a detailed look at the standard method of polar alignment by declination drift, demonstrating how it works and showing the effects of refraction on polar alignment. A description of the polar drift method is also included.

The periodic error correction pages describe periodic error analysis and the generation of PEC instructions for programming a Losmandy Gemini controller using a scilab script.