Which CCD cameras does GoQat support?

GoQat uses the Linux API provided by QSI on their website and is expected to support all currently available QSI cameras. GoQat has built-in code for Starlight Xpress CCD cameras that use the USB 2.0 interface. GoQat also lets you capture images from any cameras for which there is an INDI driver.

What cameras can GoQat use for autoguiding?

GoQat has been tested with the Starlight Xpress Lodestar but should use any modern USB 2.0 Starlight Xpress camera. You can also use QSI cameras and video-for-linux devices such as webcams and frame-grabbers. GoQat will be able to use INDI devices as autoguider cameras in a future release.

Will GoQat guide my mount?

  • If you are using a QSI or Starlight Xpress camera, you can choose to have guide commands sent via the guide port on the camera head. This may be directly compatible with the autoguider port on modern mounts, or you may choose to use an intermediate relay box.
  • If you can talk to your mount via a serial link, GoQat can provide LX200 and Autostar-compatible guide commands via a serial connection (either a real serial port on your computer, or a USB-to-serial converter).
  • If your mount has an autoguider port, you can connect a relay box to it and GoQat can send serial guide commands to the relay box. Specifically, this is known to work with the Astro-Electronic relay box.
  • GoQat can send guide signals via a parallel port, if your computer has one.

PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE DOCUMENTATION FOR YOUR MOUNT CAREFULLY to ensure that the guiding arrangement you choose will not cause damage to the connected hardware. For a detailed discussion of the various autoguiding arrangements and problems that may arise, please see this document by Mike Collins: Autoguider_Interfaces.pdf